Steak-Don Ezoya

Rib Roast Steak Rice Bowl(Hokkaido Beef)

Discount for 2,500 JPY → Wi-Fi special price 2,000 JPY

Otaru Eiroku Sushi

Order"Osakana-Zen"and get a free Shrimp Tempra Sushi Roll for free.

Kaisendon En

10%Off of menus.

Oreno Genghis Kahn

Genghis Khan(lamb meat BBQ)

Discount for 1,000 JPY → Wi-Fi special price 800 JPY

Otaru Ezoya

Wi-Fi limited menu "Wai-Wai don" 2,000 JPY.


Wi-Fi limited menu "Otaru seven colored don" 1,500 JPY.

Otaru Takeno Sushi

Wi-Fi limited menu"Sakaimachi set meal " 1,800 JPY.

Fuji Sushi

10% Off of all menus (Cash only).

Otaru Romankan(Cafe DECO)

Get a fresh cream chocolate with purchase 1 drink!

Taisho Glass Kuboya

Cream Anmitsu

Discount for 800 JPY → Wi-Fi special price 700 JPY

Otaru Poseidon

For customers using meal, get a mini crab bowl.

Kitaichi Venetian Art Museum

For customers using the café, get an original postcard of Kitaichi Venetian Art Museum for free.

Otaru Fuku Sushi

Orders over 1,500 JPY, get a piece of free seasonal sushi.

Nikka Bar Rita

Get a welcome beer or highball(S size)!

Letao Pathos (Cafe)

You can get a lunch set A(with drink) for the price of a la carte.

Sushi-dokoro Saikou

Order "Saikou Nigiri"and get a piece of today's special sushi for free.

Genghis Kahn Club Kita-Togarashi

Order one portion or more of Lamb meat, and get 1 drink for free.

Kitaichi Glass No.3

For customers using the café or meal, get an original postcard of Kitaichi Glass for free.

Kahisakan Coffee Shop

Get an original drip bag coffee(2 pacs) with purchase all menus 1,000 JPY or more.

Gin-no Kane No.1 Store

Order anything from the Café menu, and get 2 cokies for free.

Uroko-tei Restaurant

Order over 3,000 JPY per person and get a specoial mini bowl "salmon roe pickled in soy sauce"!

Naruto-ya Denuki-koji

Deep Fried Chicken

Discount for 320 JPY → Wi-Fi special price 270 JPY

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