Kitaichi Glass No.3

For customers using the café or meal, get an original postcard of Kitaichi Glass for free.

Otaru Romankan(Cafe DECO)

Get a fresh cream chocolate with purchase 1 drink!

Kitaichi Venetian Art Museum

For customers using the café, get an original postcard of Kitaichi Venetian Art Museum for free.

Gin-no Kane No.1 Store

Order anything from the Café menu, and get 2 cokies for free.

Kahisakan Coffee Shop

Get an original drip bag coffee(2 pacs) with purchase all menus 1,000 JPY or more.

Nikka Bar Rita

Get a welcome beer or highball(S size)!

Otaru Eiroku Sushi

Order"Osakana-Zen"and get a free Shrimp Tempra Sushi Roll for free.

Steak-Don Ezoya

Rib Roast Steak Rice Bowl(Hokkaido Beef)

Discount for 2,500 JPY → Wi-Fi special price 2,000 JPY

Letao Pathos (Cafe)

You can get a lunch set A(with drink) for the price of a la carte.

Genghis Kahn Club Kita-Togarashi

Order one portion or more of Lamb meat, and get 1 drink for free.

Otaru Fuku Sushi

Orders over 1,500 JPY, get a piece of free seasonal sushi.

Taisho Glass Kuboya

Cream Anmitsu

Discount for 800 JPY → Wi-Fi special price 700 JPY

Uroko-tei Restaurant

Order over 3,000 JPY per person and get a specoial mini bowl "salmon roe pickled in soy sauce"!

Sushi-dokoro Saikou

Order "Saikou Nigiri"and get a piece of today's special sushi for free.

Kaisendon En

10%Off of menus.


Wi-Fi limited menu "Otaru seven colored don" 1,500 JPY.

Otaru Ezoya

Wi-Fi limited menu "Wai-Wai don" 2,000 JPY.

Otaru Takeno Sushi

Wi-Fi limited menu"Sakaimachi set meal " 1,800 JPY.

Oreno Genghis Kahn

Genghis Khan(lamb meat BBQ)

Discount for 1,000 JPY → Wi-Fi special price 800 JPY

Fuji Sushi

10% Off of all menus (Cash only).

Naruto-ya Denuki-koji

Deep Fried Chicken

Discount for 320 JPY → Wi-Fi special price 270 JPY

Otaru Poseidon

For customers using meal, get a mini crab bowl.

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